Struggling hard to losing weight then make your failure strength and pain motivation with Luxury Lean Forskolin. Once you start taking this this product then no longer you are going to go through pain and struggle, as this product increases your metabolism rate and stimulates weight loss enzymes to manage your weight.

A time comes in my life when I thought to end my life after going through several tactless comments on my body shape. It was not like that I am habituated to eating burgers and pizzas all time in my day to day life but my gene has also played major role to gain my fatigue. In school days, collage as well as in my offices always people used to make fun of me. Although, I am a effervescent person but sometimes those comments make me depressed and I started suffering from depression. Anyhow, I wanted to get rid from those baggage that I was caring for long. In terms of body fitness, managing your weight is very much necessary but even after exercise and following diet I was not able to gain my ideal weight.

Fortunately, my weight trainer recommend me this product on right time. As, this product has helped me to lost up to 5 pounds in first months only. After following this dietary supplement few months only I started gaining a lean and perfect shape that I was always desiring for. That’s why, today, I am going to review about this product, so that any person can get rid from fatigue like me. To know more about this product, read the whole review carefully.


Luxury Lean Forskolin is multi a dexterous weight loss supplement that is combination of highly potent natural ingredients to shed away all the extra fat that you are struggling for long. This product burns all the excess fat and converts it into fuel so that you can have abundance of energy and stamina for workout. On the other hand, it is vital composition of various natural ingredients that are combination of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals that firstly increase your metabolism rate to convert food into fuel rather than fat. On the other hand, it reduce your appetite so that you should not suffer from carving. In addition, it detoxifies various ailment from your body like high cholesterol, weak immune system, poor absorption of nutrition, rapid weight gain, water retention, etc. That’s why, this product is reigning the market with No.1 position and time has come to turn the table on your side with this revolutionary weight loss supplement.

Various ingredients of this product are:

This revolutionary product is combination of various natural and herbal ingredients which have been selected after deep research to provide you positive result without doing any side effect. The key ingredients of this product are:

Aloe Vera: It is a great detoxifier that detoxify each and every waste, toxins and fat from your body to provide you lean and perfect body. This revolutionary ingredient increases your metabolism rate and stimulates the proper function of digestive system to support your weight loss regime.

Psyllium seed husk: This ingredient is enriched with various soluble fiber that considered as highly potent to shed away all the extra fat from your body. In clinical research, it has been clearly proven that this revolutionary product provides you health benefit and helps a person in losing weight without changing his or her diet.

Coleus Forskohlii: It specify the proper function of your digestive system to hinder the formation of fat cells and converts all the fat into energy. It stimulates Cyclic AMP (cAMP) that reduces your appetite and provides you abundance of energy.

Various benefits of this product are:

Increases metabolism rate: It increases the metabolism rate of your body to shed all the extra fat from your body. Your good metabolism rate breakdown each and every food particle properly to convert into energy rather than waste and fat.

Suppresses your appetite: Signals your mind that your stomach is full. Thus, it suppresses your appetite so that you can eat less and healthy. As, your diet directly affects your body.

Promotes good mood: Most of the people eat when they feel emotionally week. That’s why, this product promotes good mood so that you can remain prevented from emotional eating. In addition, it keeps stress and anxiety far away which are also major factor to gain rapid weight.

Promotes good immune system: This product is combination of highly potent natural and herbal ingredients that supplies vitamins, protein and various minerals to your body. Thus, it promotes good immune system to your body.

Regulates your digestive function: This product is combination of various natural ingredients that detoxify waste, toxins and fat from your body. A person contains huge amount of waste in his or her colon that make them fat. That’s why, this product regulates the function of digestive system to detoxify your body completely.

Points to remember:

  • This product has not been evaluated by FDA.
  • This product is suitable for a person above the age of 18 years only.
  • Pregnant women and breast feeding women are not allowed to use this product.
  • This product is not meant to diagnose or treat any disease.
  • Keep this product in cool and dry place.
  • Keep this product away from direct sunlight.
  • This product is available online only.

Selected doges of this product:

The manufacturer of this product has advised their customers to take two pills each day with lukewarm water. Take first capsules in the morning before your meal and second one in the night before your meal. Follow this process for continuously 90 days and do not overdose this product.

How to order this product:

Yes, it is possible to lose weight and Luxury Lean Forskolin is making this easy as much as possible with its revolutionary function. This revolutionary product is getting positive reviews from all around the world. That’s why, the manufacturer has decided to reach large number of people to make them rid from struggle. That’s why, the manufacturer of this product are providing FREE TRIAL OFFER to each and every new customers for limited period of time with paying shipping charges only.

Yes you have heart right. You can hold the first bottle of this product without paying its price. To claim the FREE TRIAL OFFER click the link present below this article. Here, you are required to fill a form with small personal details. Do all the formalities correctly for delivery of product at right time. Hurry!!! Offer is valid for limited period only.

Whom to contact:

Although, we have tried to provide each and every detail about this product but still there may be many questions which may come in your mind regarding selecting this product. In case of any query regarding its integrity, subscription of product or cancellation of your product, you can freely contact to customer care service. Contact details of customer care service has been provided below.

Contact Details:

(844) 222-7454


Losing weight is hard, maintaining weight is hard and being overweight is also hard. So, I am sure you want to get rid from all the extra fat as soon as possible and Luxury Lean Forskolin is accelerating that process at rapid pace. In three months only you are going to regain your ideal shape as the manufacturer of this product has advised their consumers to use this product for continuously 90 days without any skip. It increases your metabolism rate, suppresses your appetite, fuels your body with energy, regulates proper of digestive function, provide you proper immune system and delivers various other factors which are highly potent for your body to make you in shape. Order this product right now.

Synoptic Boost: Sharper Mind, Improved Focus & Better Cognitive skill!

You are no longer required to miss old you, happy you, smile you, etc. You know when a people start missing themselves, then a person is not satisfied with their present life and stress play the main factor of it. As, it is said that life is unpredictable and you can change it the moment you determined to overcome from all the problems. But sometimes it happens that in race of achievement of dream people start taking lots of stress, pressure, etc that ultimately makes a person dizzy and struck their power of thinking. Nowadays, most of the people are suffering from it either he or she is a regular working person or a student. That’s why, today we have come with a brain booster supplement that is Synoptic Boost that will help you think more clearly in addition with increasing your mental sharpness and IQ.

Synoptic Boost brain booster supplement has introduced in the market to help a person to increase the mental stability by increasing your focus and concentration levels. The best asset of a person is his intelligence and thinking power but it will act as an asset until you utilize it properly. That’s why, this brain booster supplement will strive you toward progress and perfection. To know more about this product read the whole review carefully.

What this product is all about?

You get best out of something when you gave best of yourself. It is possible to happens only when you give your complete focus and concentration to that work. While if you are suffering from stress, demotivation, brain fog, etc then it is impossible to achieve what your desire. That’s why, this product has introduces in the market after long research to blow away all work stress, competition as well as school stress. The manufacturer of this product knows very well that brain function are very complicated and dexterous. That’s why, they have selected only natural and herbal ingredients that has been clinically tested and approved.

This brain booster supplement helps you to think properly and clearly no matter how much you drink last night or going through hard time in managing your house and work simultaneously. It is very well said that IQ get you hired while emotion quotient give you promotion. In order to make you achieve your goal this product maintains your mood swings with mental focus and sharpness. So, gone those days when you just hold your head for long hours to remember things and makes your maximum effort to focus on your work. This cutting edge formula is highly potent to provide you mental edge, so go and get this product right now.

Main science behind this formula:

Synoptic Boost is for any person who wants to give sharpness to his or her thought process. This product will help you to fit in your work process by increasing your mental ability. So that you can think on a situation more properly and creatively than before. As, this product is manufactured with natural and herbal ingredients only so without taking any time it completely dissolve in your blood to stimulates its function. It is obvious that you have more works instead of office and school and it is not easy to perform all the function simultaneously.


That’s why, this product helps you to fulfill demand of your work by activating your brain neurons. With the supply of essential nutrients and oxygen this supplement protects your brain walls from getting damage as well as stimulates the generation of new nerve cells to increase your sharpness and to make you recall your memory. In addition, it hinders the formation of free radicals and storation of toxins in your brain that damages your brain cells at large extent. Synoptic Boost is a highly dexterous brain booster performer to help you in optimizing your brain performance.

Key ingredients of this product:

In a research it has been clinically proven that amino acid is the highly dexterous nutrition that requires by our brain to function it properly. Amino acid also stimulates large amount of protein that plays very essential role for the wellbeing of your brain. It combats all the stress, loss of concentration, mental fog, etc. that makes a person obnoxious. Thus, we can say that amino acid is the key ingredient that has been used in this formula to make you think like adroit and quick witted once again.

Benefits of this product:

Protects your brain cells: With the supply of essential natural ingredients, oxygen and regular circulation of blood, it repairs the damaged brain cells as well as generates new ones.

Increases your mental ability: It helps you to think fastly and actively than before. It protects your neuron cells and supply essential nutrition to it for the well being of your brain that ultimately increases your mental ability.

Hinders the process of oxidation: Formation of free radicals hampers your brain cells more that ultimately give rise to difficulty in remembering things. That’s why, this product hinders the process of oxidation as well as formation of free radicals.

Stimulates protein: There are various protein that synthesize by our brain for its proper function, while due to stress and growing age the stimulation of protein starts decreasing. While this product increases its stimulation for proper function of your brain.

Removes anxiety and stress: This product is manufactured with several ingredients that naturally trigger your nerve cells to remove stress and anxiety from your body as well as to provide better sleep.

What is selected doges of this product?

Synoptic Boost is revolutionary brain booster supplement that comes in form of pills so that you could not have any problem in its consumption. Each jar of this product comes with sixty pills and you are advised to consume two pills each day with lukewarm water. For better and desirable result you are advised to use this product for continuously 90 days without any skip.

Is there any side effect of this product?

A big No!!! The manufacturer of this product has selected only natural and herbal ingredients after going through deep research as well as consulting with experienced neurologists. In addition, all the ingredients are clinically tested in the approved lab. So that you can go for this product without any doubt. However, if you are going under any medical treatment or have any allergy then please consult your doctor first. Simultaneously pregnant and breastfeeding women are not allowed to use this product.

How to purchase this product?

Every accomplishment starts with decision to try. So, if you really no longer want to suffer from stress, mood swings as well as want to give your 100% to your work. Then, I must tell you order this product right now without wasting any more time. The manufacturer of this product have full confidence on the productivity of this product. That’s why, they are offering FREE TRIAL OFFER for its new customers only after paying small shipping charge only.

You can claim the FREE TRIAL OFFER by clicking the link present below this article. Here, you are required to do some formalities of filling a form. Do all the formalities correctly  for holding this product in 3-5 business days only. Go through each term and condition carefully. Hurry!!! Offer is valid for limited period of time only.

Final Verdict:

Synoptic Boost is cutting-edge formula to provide sharpness or mental edge. This highly dexterous formula keeps the illusion and delusion far away by increasing your mental focus as well as stability. It is 100% truth that a person is not able to perform well in stress and anxiety. That’s why, this product relax your nerve cells to keep you relax, stress free as well as energize your brain cells to make you achieve your goal with quick-witted manner.

Focus ZX1 (FocusZX1) USA Brain Booster Ingredients, Side effects, Buy

Focus Zx1 is clinically proven brain booster supplement to make you quick-witted and adroit more cognitively, smartly as well as make you remember everything for long.

It is no need to prove that a person’s greatest strength is his or her mental ability as compared to physical one. We are not telling that physical ability is not important but yes if you have mental and physical strength together then it will make your life more effortless and splendid. With the growing age every person starts losing his mental focus and starts suffering from “mental fog syndrome”.

In today’s competitive world where people are going through cut throat competition, your colleagues are cynically waiting for your mistake to grab your position. In that situation, do you really think ignoring your forgetting things and important dates, meeting schedule will not going to do any perilous effect on your life. Then this is not true my friend, you also might be recognized this problem very early but unfortunately do not able to find a right solution for it. While you are no more required to being obnoxious anymore with Focus Zx1. As, this revolutionary brain booster removes brain fog and improves your mental focus and concentration to make you feel energetic and supercharged all day long.

What is this product all about?

Focus Zx1 is cutting edge brain booster supplement that returns back your mental ability by making your mind energize to perform all the function in proper nomos. This is a great convalescent to reduce your stress and anxiety and ultimately provides you focus that you required to become reign in the path success. Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed off so, if you have started forgetting where you have kept your keys and dates of important meeting as well as wedding dates. Rather than making your situation more worst day by day, I suggest you to order this product right now and get rid from mental fog.

This revolutionary product has been manufactured with natural and herbal ingredients only to sharpen your memory as well as relax your nerve to free stress and anxiety free. It fuels your mind energy to provide you high concentration and make you focus on any work without feeling lethargic and tired. This is 100% guarantee of success and you can feel it by your own after going through its FREE TRIAL OFFER.

Main science behind this formula:

Focus Zx1  is manufactured with natural and herbal nootropic ingredients to increase your work performance as well as academic results. It is obvious that either in work or study you need great concentration and focus which is very hard to achieve for long duration. By your own you will feel that some people spend less hour in study and able to learn more chapters and facs then you. The main reason behind this factor is his or her mental focus which is more than you. Simultaneously, some companies prefer to hire more freshers because they believe that freshers can pay more focus and have more cognitive mental ability as compared to older one. So, in today’s competitive world establish your own position with Focus Zx1.

This revolutionary supplement works on the several important factors to improve your mental ability that is increasing concentration, memory, mental energy and overall health of brain. With the supply of essential nutrients it energizes each cells of your brain to increase your mental focus and memory power. On the other hand, it generates new cells of nerve to unlock your mental power.

Benefits of this product are as following:

Sharpens your mental focus: With the supply of essential nutrient, regular oxygen as well as blood in your cells, it helps to sharpens your mental focus.

Energizes your mental ability: It regulates the supply of blood and oxygen to brain regularly to energize your mental ability. This, you can able to think positivity in quick manner than before.

Increases your memory: This highly revolutionary product produces new healthy nerve cells and forms strong bond between them to increase your memory power. We can say that it is processed to make you quick-witted once again.

Hinders Brain Fog Syndrome: Forgetting things, dates and important facts are common problem with growing age. That’s why, this product make you rid from that by supporting well being of your mental health.

100% satisfactory result: It has been clinically proven that this product provides 100% satisfactory result, as, this product is manufactured with natural and herbal ingredients only.

Some precaution related to this product:

  • This product is not meant to diagnose or treat any disease.
  • This product is suitable for a person above the age of 18 years only.
  • This product has not been evaluated by FDA.
  • This product is available online only.
  • In case of any allergy, consult your doctor first.

Customer’s Reviews:

John D. : “Dizziness and forgetting things have become by common problem with each leading days. Earlier I thought that may be due to sleepless night or stress, I am getting this problem but soon it became more frequent with me. After consulting with doctor I come to know that I am not suffering from neurosis or psychosis but it is a matter of mental fog syndrome. After his recommendation I have started using this product and started getting result in couple of week only. I highly recommend this product to other also.

Peter :Earlier by hearing the name of exam only, I became psychosomatic and to get rid from it I can go to any level because even after studying for hours I was not able to remember anything. Although, I used to study for long hours but in the exam all the facts become dizzy in my mind. Fortunately one day, my best friend recommend me this product and advised me to use this product as per description. This brain booster supplement has really helped me a lot to gain my mental focus as well as strength. Thank you Focus Zx1. I highly recommend this product to other also.”

How to purchase this product:

What are you thinking whether this product is worthy for you not. It is obvious that market is flooding with numbers of product and they all considered themselves as the most effective to provide convalescent hurriedly. So, in this situation if you have become skeptical then there are no any problem in it. As, every person earn money with hard methods and efforts. While you will feel very happy to know that the manufacturer of this product are offering FREE TRIAL OFFER for its new customers only after paying small shipping charge only.

Yes, you can hold this product without paying price of this product. To claim the FREE TRIAL OFFER click the link present below this article. Here, you required to fill a form with small personal details. Do all the formalities correctly for delivery of product at right time. Hurry!! Offer is valid for limited period only.

Whom to contact:

In case of any query you can contact to our customer care service without feeling hesitation. We have provided customer care service for 24*7 hours. Contact detail are given below:

Phone Support: 1-844-688-6199


(Please Allow 24 Hours For Reply.)


Focus Zx1 is 100% pure and natural formula to enhance your mental ability as well as focus. World has become competitive with each leading days and only those person can survive in this world who are cynical, quick-witted, adroit, etc. This simply indicating that you are required to improve your mental strength at every age of your life to remain in top position everywhere. This revolutionary product is guarantee of your success. So, go and grab this product right now.

Is Advanced IQ Scam or Legit? ALL Brain Booster Side Effects!

Are you going through that phase where things have become very difficult to remember. Are you facing difficulty to remember the things which you have read or heard recently? I know that, with these symptoms, a person becomes a subject of laugh and s/he feel embarrassment. Even after adopting many hard exercise, proper food and nutritional diet, if you are not getting the positive results what are you looking for. Then, I must tell, you can overcome from this problems by adding brain enhancement supplement in your daily life.

Here, I would like to introduce you with a natural brain enhancement supplement i.e Advanced IQ. It is a clinically proven formula that gets active in one hour and starts showing its positive result by enhancing the level of concentration and alertness.

Advanced IQ: What is it?

It is a cognitive brain supplement that enhances the performance of brain by increasing mental sharpness, focus, attention, memory recall, etc. One of the important property which makes this product No. 1 in the market is that, it contains only natural and herbal ingredients.

All natural ingredients of this product is in suitable amount to form an advance formula. It provides suitable nutrition to neurotransmitter to function properly. It also helps to generate new healthy membrane cells to enhance your concentration level, learning focus span, attentiveness, sharpness, memory recall, etc.

In addition, it also reduces your anxiety and depression to activate good mood always. This leads more concentration and attentiveness in your work. Furthermore, it activates your subconscious mind to develop critical and creative thinking.

Science behind Advanced IQ?

Life becomes easier when you are able to keep focus and concentrated in your work. Because these leads to solve your 95% problems of your life. With the regular use of Advanced IQ brain enhancement, you will also able to get relief from these problems in few days.

This product is blended of only natural and herbal ingredients, vitamins and minerals.  When these ingredients come together, it creates an advanced formula to tackle your lack of memory and concentration disorder. The manufacturer of this product has consulted with number of highly qualified nutritionist, to select those ingredients which have been trusted for thousands of years in ancient medical traditions to treat anxiety, fatigue, depression and memory loss, etc

It contains omega 3s and DHA imperatives which are very essential for the proper functioning of brain. They are chain of fatty acids which act as building blocks for the skin, critical for proper functioning and brain health. In addition, it also contains vitamin B, C, D  which are essential for hormone production, stress management, and to defy mental and physical illness.

Ingredients of this product:

The various ingredients of this product which play an essential role to boost your memory power are as following:

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is more than an anti-oxidant. It is necessary to synthesize the neurotransmitter norepinephrine. It also helps the body flush heavy metals such as iron and copper from the brain.

Vitamin E- Vitamin E is essential to maintain the integrity of cell membranes. It helps to maintain neurological transmitter by providing suitable nutrition to sensory nerves.

Ginger: Ginger protects the brain by waking up the senses and increasing blood flow to the brain.

Catuaba Bark: A Brazilian study found that Catuaba bark improved mental acuity and memory and thus helps to improve mood.

Chia: Foods that are high in Omega-3 fatty acids are thought to be very beneficial to brain function.

Indian Kino: It helps to boost the memory consolidation and stamina levels.

Benefits of this product:

The manufacturer of this product claims to be number one product in the market. As, it consists only natural ingredients. So, it is suitable for all of you without any side effects. The essential benefits of this product are:

  • It acts as fuel to your brain to keep you focused and concentrated for whole day.
  • It protects your brain cells from free radicals and antioxidant.
  • It helps to keep away anxiety and stress.
  • It provides new healthy membrane cells.
  • It enhances your memory recall.
  • It activates your subconscious mind for creative and unique thinking.
  • It boosts your energy level by keeping your nervous tissue relax.
  • It detoxify your brain to increase memory power.
  • It enhances regular supply of oxygen and blood to brain.
  • It improves state of mind, response time and reviewing capabilities.

Precaution measures to follow:

  • Consult your doctor first, if you are under any medical surveillance.
  • Overdose of this product can cause adverse effect, so follow the instruction on the level of the product.
  • Keep the product away from the reach of children.
  • Do not use this product if safety seal is broken.
  • Store the product in cool and dark place, away from sunlight.
  • This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases.

How to intake Advanced IQ:

Each container contains 30 capsules of Advanced IQ. You are required to take two capsules every day. One in the morning and another in the evening. You will be able to improve your memory retention and learning skill with the regular use of this product for at least 90 days.

From where to purchase this product:

If you want to purchase Advanced IQ, but still in confusion whether this product is worthy for you or not. Then I would like to inform you that, this product is offering FREE TRIAL OFFER for limited period. So, you can have this product with just few clicks and after paying only few shipping and handling charge. To claim the FREE TRIAL OFFER click the link below. Here, you need to fill a form with your personal details. Hurry!! Offer is available for limited period only.


Advanced IQ is complete natural formula to enhance your concentration, alertness and creative thinking. It helps you to clear your brain fog by boosting energy and alertness. Thus, it helps you to keep relax and motivational all the time. In addition, it also improves overall performance by reducing anxiety and stress.

IQ Genex: Read Side Effects, Uses & Customer Reviews!

Just like our body need nutrients and other supplements for maximizing body performance, our brain also need brain boosting supplements to maximize mental performance. Our brain is the impartial part of our body that distinguish us, human beings, from other creatures on this earth. Our brain helps us to think and also retain many important informations.

There may come a time you may not be able to remember the right information at needed time. You may feel that you are not able to perform at your best because you lack motivation. Some people even may have disorder like Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). These disorders make it difficult for a person to learn and retain informations. The other reason for reduction in mental performance and brain focusing capacity is increase in age.

If you are looking for solution to aforesaid problems then IQ Genex is the right solution for you. This brain enhancement supplement will help you as a studying aid, a natural energizer, concentration support and memory booster.

What is IQ Genex?

IQ Genex is the best brain enhancing supplement that helps you to improve your mental output. This supplement is designed particularly to improve brain focus level and memory control process. IQ Genex comes under the supplement class of nootropics. Nootropics are the class of herbal supplement that contains ingredients which work together to support healthy brain function.This supplement helped them to enhance the performance of their brain by increasing concentration, focus, attention, memory capacity, etc.

This supplement is composed of all natural ingredients that are effective in sharpening your memory and increasing brain capacity without any side effects. There are no fake ingredients or chemical compounds added to this supplement that may create an adverse effect. There has not been single report on side effects of taking this brain enhancing supplement.

When you take IQ Genex as per given instruction, it will instantly work within one hour and enhance your brain functions.

Clinical Studies By America’s Top Rated Hospital

IQ Genex has gone through various clinical studies for testing its effectiveness on enhancing brain functions. A clinical study was conducted by the Cleveland Clinic which is rated one of America’s Top 4 hospitals for the last twenty years by the U.S. News and World Report. This clinic is a non-profit organization that does not endorse any particular product. They conduct clinical trials and report the facts and findings of the study. After conducting test on IQ Genex, it has been clinically shown to increase focus and concentration for 5-6 hours with zero side effects.

The study was conducted on college-age adults ages 18 to 25 years. The study investigated the effects of IQ Genex to exercise executive functions associated with: sustained attention, spatial working memory, response inhibition, and impulsivity.

Main Ingredients

Green Coffee Powder: IQ Genex contains green coffee powder that releases natural caffeine. These caffeine mainly help the brain to increase energy, focus, memory and clarity.

Choline: Choline is a macronutrient that’s important for normal brain development, nerve function, supporting energy levels and maintaining a healthy metabolism. It helps to improve memory, cognition and learning retention.

Noopept: This ingredient helps to enhance concentration level. it also helps to protect from dementia and improve neuron interaction.

Phenylpiracetam: This ingredient protects the brain cells deterioration. It also reduces anxiety and stress and helps to increases brain function and mental output.

L-Theanine: As per the studies on this extract, this ingredients supports to keep the user calm and tension free. This will help a person to stay relaxed and make their mind stay more alert, You also feel enhance in your brain efficiency.

Bocopa monnieri: This ingredient helps to  improve your focus abilities, stabilize your mood  and sharpen your memory. It is in charge of overall development of new cells in the human cerebrum.

Benefits of this product:

  • This supplement helps to improve overall cognitive functions.
  • It helps to sharpen focus and mental clarity without any side effects.
  • It helps to extend and intensify concentration abilities.
  • It improves the mind state, reduce the response time as well as reviewing capabilities.
  • It protects your brain cells deterioration from free radical damage as well as reduces debasement of cerebrum cells.
  • This brain supplement boosts mind development factors and supports mind work.
  • It boosts your energy and alertness and improves your mental performance.
  • It helps to minimize stress and anxiety level and helps to freshen your mood and relax your brain.
  • It sharpens your memorizing power allowing you to perform well on the task at hand.
  • It activates your subconscious mind for creative and unique thinking.
  • It improves the proper circulation of oxygenated blood to brain cells.
  • It is composed of 100% natural and powerful ingredients.
  • No need of doctor prescription for buying and consuming IQ Genex.
  • No side effects.

What dosage of IQ Genex need to be maintained?

IQ Genex comes in form of small capsules in small container which is easy to take with a glass of water. In order to increase your brain capacity, you are advised to take two capsules on daily basis.

Take one capsule in the morning time after having morning meal and another capsule in the night time after having dinner. Take IQ Genex as per given instructions to enhance memory retention and learning. DO NOT OVERDOSE.

How long do I need to wait to get the desired results?

Results vary from person to person depending on various factors. Normally, you will notice the positive difference after taking this memory boosting supplement regularly for minimum period of 90 days. Balanced diet and light workout is recommended for achieving maximum benefits.

Any known side effects of IQ Genex?

Absolutely not. IQ Genex is formulated using clinically tested natural ingredients that helps to protect precious memories, improve retention power and concentration level. It does not contain any harmful chemical compounds, artificial ingredients or synthetic fillers that may have harmful effect on brain and body. No sides effects of this product has been reported till date.

How can I order IQ Genex?

You can purchase IQ Genex from its official website. Click on the link provided at the end of this article and it will direct you to the official page of IQ Genex. This product can be ordered online only. Keep note that it is anot available in retail stores near you. Beware of duplicate products.

Good news for new customers of IQ Genex. The makers of IQ Genex are providing FREE TRIAL OFFER for limited period. To claim your free trial pack, click on the link provided at the end of the article. You will be directed to sign up page. Fill up your personal details and pay minimum shipping fees to place order now. Your free trial bottle will be delivered to your doorstep in 3 to 5 working days.

Precaution Measures

  • Recommended for people above the age of 18.
  • Return the bottle, if seal is broken or damaged.
  • Keep the product away from the reach of children.
  • Store the product in moisture-free place away from sunlight.
  • Do not overdose.
  • This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases.
  • Consult your doctor first before taking this supplement, if you are under any medical surveillance.

Additional Tips

  • Maintain balanced and nutritious diet.
  • Sleep for minimum of 6 to 7 hours daily.
  • Incorporate light exercise in your daily life.


IQ Genex is a natural focus booster that supports brain function and enhance mental output. It is clinically tested and proven brain enhancement supplement, It provides a layer of cognitive protection to boost your memory and guard neural function against brain fog syndrome. It comes with Free Trial for new customers.